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A Hydrogen Project Designed for Greatness | Yingde Gases Will Supply Hydrogen for National Science and Technology Major Project

On 23 July 2021, Yingde Gases signed a strategic partnership agreement for its hydrogen-mixed combustion gas turbine demonstration project with China United Gas Turbine Technology Co., Ltd. ("UGTC"), State Power Investment Corporation Limited and Jingmen High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone Management Committee.

Under the dual-objective "3060" scheme (to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060), China has embarked on numerous studies to explore energy transition initiatives, including the development of hydrogen-mixed combustion turbines which is a key component of creating a new power system. Currently, UGTC intends to increase the hydrogen ratio in hydrogen-mixed combustion gases and drive the implementation of a hydrogen-mixed combustion gas turbine demonstration project through experimental research and demonstration validation, thereby presenting solutions for a low carbon transformation model for power systems.

The Jingmen Yingde plant under Yingde Gases is the largest hydrogen production site within Hubei. Leveraging the hydrogen production, storage and transportation capabilities of Jingmen Yingde, Yingde Gases will build electrolysis-generated hydrogen production facilities and supporting facilities for the hydrogen-mixed combustion gas turbine demonstration project. Meanwhile, Yingde Gases will work together with multiple partners to build a large-scale site for green hydrogen production and green hydrogen utilization to unearth the utility value of green hydrogen in the energy, coal-chemical and refining-chemical sectors, thereby developing a new model which is based on wind and photovoltaic power, hydrogen production by electrolysis, and power generation by hydrogen combustion.

At present, hydrogen has been associated with an increasing number of energy attributes, and gas companies should shoulder more responsibility in this respect. Fang Shiwen said, "Yingde Gases will provide safe, stable and high-quality services to assist the development efforts of emission reduction technologies in power generation. We will also implement the first demonstration project for the integrated utilization of green hydrogen in order to improve technological standards and amass practical experience. We will also strive to work with more partners to create a green and low-carbon future!"