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Yingde Gases Signed New Air Separation Partnership Agreement with Eastran Group

On 3 June 2021, Yingde Gases signed a new air separation agreement with Changzhou Eastran Group under the Oriental Runan Group, which involves constructing a new cryogenic air separation unit that will enable the Eastran Group to implement its environmental protection transformation, energy saving and efficiency improvement initiatives.

Yingde Gases has partnered with the Eastran Group since 2010, whereby the cryogenic air separation unit constructed in the first phase of the supporting steelmaking production line and the two oxygen generators constructed in the second phase of the supporting blast furnace upgrading project have operated in a safe and stable manner over the past ten years, ensuring the sustained and stable production of the Eastran Group.

The third-phase cryogenic air separation unit under this contract will fulfill and safeguard the client’s new gas and environmental requirements under rapid development. The said unit is to be result of discussions between the two parties to create a more pragmatic, efficient, open and flexible cooperation model and will serve as a bedrock for both parties to explore energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, innovative and efficient solutions.