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15% Hydrogen-Fueled Combustion Tests and Business Operations Successfully Commenced for World's First Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Hydrogen Blending Project Participated in by Yingde Gases

Recently, the Jingmen Green Power Plant, the world's first heavy-duty gas turbine hydrogen blending project, successfully commenced 15% hydrogen-fueled combustion tests and business operations. Yingde Gases had a part to play in this project which is funded by the State Power Investment Corporation. Spearheaded by Beijing Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Technology, this is China's first attempt at performing retrofit tests and scientific research on hydrogen-fueled combustion by heavy-duty commercial gas turbine units. It is also the world's first commercial natural gas unit to perform combined-cycle and cogeneration processes of hydrogen-fueled combustion. Hence, this is significant in the advancement of China's independent R&D efforts of hydrogen combustion engines while also being an important breakthrough in the application of hydrogen in China’s energy sector.

Currently, Yingde Gases is preparing for the next phase of the project in order to perform 30% hydrogen-fueled combustion tests by the end of 2022, thereby enabling users the flexibility to freely adjust operations within a hydrogen-fueling range of 0% to 30%.

In recent times, carbon reduction has become a global trend. Under the "3060" objectives, China has been actively exploring new energy models. To achieve this objective, one of the key measures is to build a new energy system primarily powered by new energy while developing hydrogen gas turbines to drive the low-carbon transformation of the energy system. On the other hand, adding hydrogen fuel to existing natural gas units reduces carbon emissions while also chipping away at developmental barriers in China's turbine industry arising from the shortage of natural gas. This measure will be instrumental in driving the overall upgrading efforts of the high-end equipment manufacturing sector.