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Yingde Gases and Baosteel Gases Hold "Cloud-based Annual Meeting" for 2022

On 21 January 2022, Yingde Gases and Baosteel Gases successfully held the "Cloud-based Annual Meeting" for 2022. With the theme of "Anticipating the future with new expansions in the gas industry", the annual meeting saw all employees gathering online to celebrate the fruitful results of 2021 while kick-starting the journey for the year 2022.

At the start of the meeting, Chairman Huang Dewei conveyed his new year wishes and said that he was excited to work together with everyone to develop innovative and sustainable gasification solutions that will benefit society. After that, CEO Fang Shiwen wrapped up the company's 2021 journey by talking about the progress and upgrades made in that year while also sharing the direction of the company for 2022. CFO Huang Siying and General Manager of the Strategy and Marketing Center Shen Wei spoke respectively on performance improvements and strategic deployments as they revisited the key events of the past year and talked about the key tasks ahead for the new year.

The fundamental driving force for the development of the gas industry is the increase of gas applications arising from changes taking place in other industries. Gas companies need to consider how to develop gas application technologies that keep up with industry advancements, as herein lies the potential of the gas industry. Under the green trend of energy saving, emission reduction and decarbonization developments, the gas industry is undergoing changes that have not been seen in the past century. The development of renewable energy, changes in energy usage, and introduction of decarbonization and emission reduction technologies will promote the progress of the gas industry.

In view of the innovations in the larger environment and the gas industry, Yingde Gases and Baosteel Gases have resolved to stay abreast with the times and handle changes in an open matter in order to make innovative advancements.

During the Annual Meeting, the annual award ceremony, employee programs and message board conversations also took place. The event was a joyous one that saw the group collectively bidding farewell to the previous year and welcoming the new year with much gusto and ambition.