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Yingde Gases' Performs Another Digital Upgrade with Leading Efficiency Features to Drive Strategy Implementation

On 28 February 2022, Yingde Gases successfully held the launching ceremony for the A1 Project. With SAP as the core digital system, the A1 Project is meant to be Yingde's digital base and business hub. It is hoped that this project will promote the transformation of functional management to process management, passive management to active management, extensive management to refined management, and transaction management to process management.

The A1 project system encompasses multiple businesses and functional lines. According to Yingde Gases' best practices and business characteristics, the system serves as an efficient, collaborative, vertically and horizontally integrated platform for business and financial management and control. Besides linking up strategy, operations and performance components, this system also will activate organizational and individual potential while developing a group of digital talents to build a strong workforce for Yingde Gases in the future. Through its instrumental role in improving operational and management efficiency, this project is set to be a steering and guiding force for Yingde Gases as it implements breakthroughs and changes.

Fang Shiwen said, "In the future, Yingde Gases hopes to acquire more large-scale projects, improve syngas capacity, accelerate expansion efforts in the field of green hydrogen, drive corporate mergers and acquisitions, and promote internationalization strategies. The A1 project will provide the Group with a digital system to coordinate overall planning efforts, thereby enabling business integration, management and control integration, and process integration. In turn, this enhanced efficiency could generate benefits, consolidate our key capabilities, and help us attain great achievements in both domestic and international industrial gas markets."