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Yingde Gases Led the List of "Top 50 Chinese Gases Enterprises in the 13th Five-Year Plan"

In late October 2021, at the thirty-first member meeting of the China Industrial Gas Industry Association and the 2021 annual meeting, Yingde Gases ranked first, leading the China Industrial Gases Industry Association's list of "Top 50 Chinese Gases Enterprises in the 13th Five-Year Plan".

In keeping with the "3060" target of peak carbon and carbon neutrality, Yingde Gases has adopted a number of energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures, and worked with partners to continue to explore and promote the comprehensive utilization of resources.

In the competition for the award of "Top 50 Chinese Gases Enterprises in the 13th Five-Year Plan", Yingde Gases took the top spot with its outstanding performance in management, energy conservation, environmental protection, brand reputation and social responsibility, and once again won the high appraisal of the industry.