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"Green" Industrial Plants for a "Greener" Future

In May 2021, Yingde Gases and Baosteel Gases marked a new leaf in its journey by setting up a "green" air separation unit, using the Baotou plant as a pilot site. The newly upgraded air separation unit features natural elements such as grasslands, mountains, the sky and windmills depicted on the tower, serving as a constant symbol of sustainable development.

In May this year, Yingde Gases and Baosteel Gases formally established a hydrogen energy operations department to integrate existing resources, implement hydrogen energy development strategies, promote the implementation of specific hydrogen energy projects, explore and build future hydrogen energy and green hydrogen models, and create upstream and downstream value, thereby laying the foundation for future development.

In the new cycle of energy revolution, Yingde Gases and Baosteel Gases will leverage their current strengths and linked opportunities in the industry to fully maximize its local enterprise advantages in terms of client resources and industrial clusters, so as to play a leading role in the core, key, and mainstream components of the hydrogen energy industry and strive to become a participant and leader of local gas companies in China's future hydrogen energy development. Meanwhile, with the government’s enhanced cooperation with enterprises, we aim to actively promote the establishment of green production methods and lifestyles, paving the way for sustainable development of resource-based cities and contributing to a "green" future!